Subscription Cancellation

Need to cancel your membership?
No problem.

Sometimes things change and we understand. If you need to stop your membership, simply follow the instructions below.

Important – Cancelling your membership will delete your stores permanently. You will lose any discounts, special pricing or locked in prices.

How To Cancel Your Subscription

Send a message to our team with your order number or account email address

We will cancel your subscription within 24 hours (please allow longer during holidays)

That’s It!

Frequently Asked Questions

What will happen to my stores?

After cancelling your membership your stores will be deleted permanently and can’t be recovered. Please save any content and information before cancelling.

Can I start my membership again later?

Yes absolutely! Please note that any special pricing, special packages or locked in prices will not be available when you restart your membership.

How long does it take to cancel?

We will process your cancellation typically within 24 hours. Please allow longer during busy times.