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Note: Fresh Store Instant was previously called Fresh Store Builder or FSB.

“I use a number of e commerce build products across 5 networks: FSB stands alone at the top of the list for simplicity, completeness and its professional, beautifully designed, easily navigable shop templates.”

- Richard Crooks, New Zealand (9th October 2016)

“For anyone struggling with making money online Fresh Store Builder is a good choice. Especially when comparing it to WordPress where more techy knowledge is involved setting up an affiliate store for example.

I came to FSB from other online so called easy money making schemes that failed dismally. These weren’t cheap and I wasted quite a sizeable amount of money.

So all in all FSB is great choice for an experienced person or a novice.”

- Victor Palmer, USA (26th May 2016)

“In the past, I always used turnkey pages that offered no real creativity on my part. I like Fresh Store Builder because it is giving me the keys to use my creativity and have a hand in making my store, my store. The Help Desk is very helpful and when I reach a wall, customer service has always responded quickly and they get me through every time. I recommend anyone who wants to build a web page to Fresh Store Builder. It’s almost like taking a class and the end result is a place on the web!”

- Angie Wilson, USA (13th May 2016)

“Thank you, Carey, for your innovation and relentless drive for providing ease and ingenuity. FSB is the perfect proof of your awesomeness!”

- Yvette Maitland-Vargas, USA (2nd April 2016)

“Fresh Store Builder has completely transformed my Amazon business. It helped make sense of Amazon and is super simple to use. Really worth it.”

- Katie Borland, USA (9th March 2016)

“Carey and his team are a breath of fresh air in an industry riddled with dodgey fly by nighters. They really do care about their clients and do all they can to help them get up and running with regular interraction via fbook etc.. I’m in the process of setting up my first store which does require effort and time and tbh is a steep learning curve. But hey, my base line is right down there in the valley bottom:-) I’m also learning that in setting up an FSB store I’m not just learning how to become an Amazon affiliate; the process is also a great grounding in the techniques of internet marketing area per se.”

- Graham Smith, UK (26th February, 2016)

“I am an early user of FSB and can’t say enough good things about it – or the team. First the software – I came from a WP site that wasn’t doing much. Converted to FSB with a WP blog attached, and it is all I hoped it would be. Extremely easy to use, very intuitive for a newbie, and looks very professional. Can you slap a site up and get good results? No – as with any software you have to work at creating unique content. The community – FSB has a great forum/community, and excellent training videos. You don’t buy and then you’re on your own. Lots of help here. The team – Nothing but top marks for the team. Very responsive, very professional and hard-working. They want you to succeed and do everything possible to help you do that. FSB works hard at making sure the software is updated frequently, great new features added – they listen to their users about what’s working, what’s not. Can’t say enough about the software or the team. And at the price they charge, it’s a bargain. Head and shoulders above other Amazon Affiliate site builders IMHO.”

- Debbie, USA

“With this software I have quickly and easily created my own Amazon Store.. The system is totally integrated with Amazon, offering up-to-date prices and products to be listed in my store. The best thing is that the stores are completely and automatically linked to Amazon, anything having to do with the products will be automatically be updated. So, for example, if the price changes, the product on my site will be updated as well.”

- Arsen Kraljevic, Croatia

“Fresh Store Builder is a great product for tapping into the huge Amazon market with very lucrative results. I have been using the product for 2 years and have found it’s features, usability and support to be excellent. There are regular updates, plugins, customizable themes, an active forum and a great support desk. The only limitations are your own imagination when it comes to exploiting a niche market. I highly recommend Fresh Store Builder.”

- Tom Chambers, UK

“Very good job guys. I will recommend this script to my friends and partners. Lots of features, easy to install, easy to use. And fair price. Thank you!”

- Broid Valdin, Canada

“I am a developer and ecommerce guru and I have to say this platform is super easy to setup and use. I launched a site today in less than 1 hour without reading any tutorials – it gets my vote…”

- Stuart Green, UK (16th July 2016)

“Absolutely the best software for setting up multiple Amazon affiliate stores. Carey keeps adding more and more features that only increase the revenue generating power of each site.

Tutorials are easy to follow and cover everything a newbie like me needs to deploy the Fresh Store software.

Awesome product and support systems!”

- Kellie Thomas, USA (19th May 2016)

“I have bought Fresh Store Builder earlier this year (2016) and i can tell that is the best investment I’ve made in my online career. I wish i could find it years before! Very easy and simple to use, anything can be found with step by step guides, you have the ability to create content sites, blog sites, review sites, you can promote anything you like as an amazon affiliate with videos-pictures-coupon codes etc. Is a Top quality product!

The support is excellent and the most important is the owner (Carey) to be by your side, adding new features, helping out anyone, advising with tips and tricks in our Fcb group and in the FSB Forum.. What else do you want? Highly Recommended!”

- Panayiotis Kiliaris, Greece (22nd April 2016)

“The FSB forum is a fantastic help – lots of people there with lots of good advice – if you haven’t already, you should check it out”

- George Day, UK (12th March 2016)

“I began using FSB late in 2015 and quickly set up my first store. The guides and training are excellent and have helped me to continue optimising my store and to make it as user friendly as possible. I currently have just one store which I am using to learn the best ways to set up and optimise my affiliate site with a view to opening a number of new stores in 2016. Fresh Store Builder has given me the tools to earn an income online, the rest is up to me.”

- Simon Speight, UK (28th February, 2016)

“I knew from the very first moment I saw Fresh Store Builder (FSB) that it was the missing piece of the puzzle I needed to get my affiliate business off the ground. Even though I’ve only been using it for 2 months, I’ve already has a sale, and that is with only a few items in my website store. Now this isn’t a magic system that you set and forget, you have to approach this like any business and put in time and effort. It is an ongoing project so you need to do something you are interested in selling and talking about online. Trust me. I’ve been doing online marketing for many years and there really is no magic system, but FSB is an excellent tool to make your efforts a lot more organised and easier to publish on a website, you just need to keep at it and put in some effort. If you want an easy option, forget FSB and buy a Lottery ticket.”

- Ian Richardson, Australia (22nd February, 2016)

“I found the Fresh Store Builder easy to use, and their support was great. I had tried other ways to make money online, but made my first Amazon commission with an FSB store. I would recommend Fresh Store Builder to anyone interested in selling through Amazon.”

- Joe Bunin, USA

“I have built a LOT of websites using different platforms… Fresh Store Builder is the best I have used. It allows you to build really nice stores and to do it fast. If you are looking to build websites that offer products from Amazon… it is hard to imagine a platform better than Fresh Store Builder.”

- Todd J. McLean, USA

“I purchased FSB in late 2013 but took my time in setting it up, Once I got into the program and understood its features I was staggered by the depth of features. It was quick for me to do as a beginner and with each well-explained step it started to make more sense. Any difficulties I experienced were based on me not watching the excellent step-by-step tutorials. I was new to websites so found some of the technical side a little difficult, but there was excellent help available. There is no limit to the number of stores I can create and I find that very exciting.”

- David Bay, Australia

“I enjoy the standalone Amazon Store features of Fresh Store Builder. But where I see them really excelling is their ability to develop WordPress plugins that extend those capabilities into existing WordPress blogs. I have both their general WP plugin for creating stores in a WP blog AND their Fresh Store Bundle Master, which is a fabulous way to add bundled product displays in your blog. Fresh Store Builder gives you a solid way to make standalone stores, create a store to enhance a WordPress blog, AND use their WordPress plugins like Bundle Master to add some serious juice to your site.”

- Susan Davis, USA

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