Try Fresh Store Instant Risk Free for 14 Days

We are sure you are going to love Fresh Store Instant but if for any reason you don’t, simply email us to request a refund within 14 days of your first payment and we will send your money back no questions asked.

see ‘Refund Full Details‘ below for full terms and exceptions

How To Get a Refund

Send a message to our team with your order number or account email address

We will send your refund within 24 hours (please allow longer during busy times)

That’s It!

Refund Full Details

Refunds are offered on your first payment when requested within 14 days of that payment being made.

For example, if you make your first payment on 1st January then you must request a refund on or before 14th January.

Domain names purchased as part of a package or separately are non-refundable. You own the domain names and can transfer them away, or repoint them to use on a different website or service if required. You may also let them expire without any additional cost.

Submitting a PayPal dispute or Credit Card chargeback will slow down your refund process and may make you ineligible for a refund at our discretion (as we incur costs for chargebacks).

Please follow the refund steps above for the quickest possible refund.

After requesting a refund, your stores will be scheduled for deletion without backup. Please ensure you save any information you require before requesting a refund as we cannot recover any data after deletion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you offer this refund policy?

We know that you will be happy with Fresh Store Instant so we don’t consider it a risk to offer a lenient refund policy. We also understand that you want some kind of guarantee that this will work for you.

There may also be situations were you can no longer use Fresh Store Instant due to commitments or change of situation. We understand and are happy to offer this to our members.

Is anything NOT refundable?

Refunds are offered on packages and products that show a refund policy on the checkout page.

For example, no refunds are offered on domain name purchases, either as part of a package or as a direct purchase.

Other non-refundable purchases may include image packs, coaching services, design services and content writing services.

Any payments made after your first 14 days as a member are non-refundable.

What will happen to my stores and account?

Once your refund is processed your account will be closed and your stores will be scheduled for deletion. Once deleted your stores can’t be recovered.

Your account will be suspended and you can resume your membership in the future in the same account. Please note any special pricing, special packages or fixed prices will be lost.