Let’s Take a Look Under the Hood

Our revolutionary Quad Engine powers these amazing features to drive your Amazon store:

10 Second

Single click install of hundreds of fully researched and ready to go niche stores.

Zero Stock Investment

All the products you sell are shipped from Amazons warehouse and you don’t need to invest a dime!

Amazon Cookie Buster

Get 90 days of commissions from your customers instead of the usual Amazon 24 hours.

The Automation Engine

Your time is important. We let you create stores instantly and give you fine control over everything so you can add your personal touch.

Fresh Connect

Our fast, efficient 100% compliant Amazon API integration has been perfected in over 7 years of development.

Fresh Cart

Boost commissions with our full featured shopping cart. Your customers can add multiple products to basket and checkout when ready.

Zero Stock Investment

All the products you sell are shipped from Amazons warehouse and you don’t need to invest a dime!

Auto Content Creator

Automatically create unique and readable content for your products when you add them with our built in content creation.

Amazon Cookie Booster

Get 90 days of commissions from your customers instead of the usual Amazon 24 hours.

Your Categories

Setup your own categories and category groups to help your visitors find what they want to buy.

Easy Product Manager

Use your secure dashboard to easily edit individual products or groups of products.

Product Finder

Uncover the golden products in your niche with our built in product finder.

Every Amazon Country

Supports all Amazon websites USA, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Canada, Italy, India, China, Japan and more!

Fresh Sync

Everything is updated for you automatically – product prices, images, key features, descriptions, reviews and more.

10 Second Stores

Single click install of 250+ fully researched and ready to go niche stores.

Zero Hassle Orders

Amazon completely handles your orders, the customers, returns and everything in between.

Spin Rewriter™ API Integration

Take your automatic content creation to the next level with a full integration with the market leading content spinning tool (Spin Rewriter account required).

Store Health Check

How do you know your store is running perfectly? Your Store Health page will highlight any issues and give you easy step by step instructions to fix them.

Fresh Cache Technology

We implemented advanced caching in the Amazon API to reduce “throttling” issues and increase speed performance.

Product Importer

Do you know the ASIN numbers? Simply paste them in and everything is added for you.

Auto Populate

Want full automation? Simply enter some search keywords and criteria, and products will be added regularly to your store for as long as you wish.

Amazon Reviews

Display all the Amazon reviews for your products directly on your store – a guaranteed way to boost conversions.

Fresh Product Importer

Simply choose the products from Amazon and everything is imported for you instantly.

Quick Store Setup

Customize your design, categories, products and more with our step by step setup tool.

Your Store Control Center

Your store is controlled by a secure and easy to use dashboard which you can access from anywhere at anytime. Add new products, see your earning reports, change your design and more all from one intuitive area.

``Instant Load`` Technology

Your store is fully cached for instant page loads and software/database is fully optimized for speed.

Automated ``Easy Browsing``

Your customers can easily filter products by price, colour or any other detail.

Optimized Data Storage

Data is stored securely and efficiently to maximize page load speeds and product updates.

Auto Product Options

Do the products have different sizes or colours? Your customers will get an easy to use interface, just like on Amazon.

Complete Control

Change every aspect of your store and make it your own with in your parameters section.

The Design Engine

Use our powerful tools to create the look you want or choose a ready to go design.

Template Library

Choose from a selection of unique templates and switch between them instantly.

Visual Design Editor

Make your store look exactly as you want with our visual editor – no coding skills required.

Easy Homepage Designer

You have total control over what goes on your homepage and how it looks.

Mobile Optimized

Your stores automatically work perfectly for users on any device, meaning better conversions and more sales.

Customizable Templates

Get fine control over your design with our ever expanding template options.

Content Customizer

Change any content in your store quickly and easily.

Your Content

Add fresh content of your own to any area of your store.

``Fresh Edit`` Technology

Browse your store as a visitor and make instant changes to your content with one click.

Fully Standards Compliant

Your stores look good on all kinds of browsers and devices due to our industry standard compliant templates and code.

Full Sidebox Control

You decide exactly what goes in your sidebox across your store.

Easy Script Integration

Add code for visitor tracking, retargetting or 3rd party scripts with a quick copy and paste.

Automatic Updates

Templates and skins are updated for you automatically.

Professional Templates

Powered by Smarty, our templates are built to the highest standards of compliancy and design.

The Traffic Engine

Getting traffic doesn’t have to be hard with our professional level set of SEO and Social Traffic features.

Fresh SEO Engine

Your stores are built from the ground up to use solid SEO principles and safe automation.

Social Poster - Facebook Edition

Automatically send your products to Facebook pages and get quality, motivated traffic to your store.

Social Poster - Pinterest Edition

Share your products instantly with the savvy and free spending crowd over at Pinterest.

Automatic XML Sitemap

Search engine spiders will be happy with your ready to go XML sitemap. Automatically updated on a daily basis.

Automatic Sitemap

Your website sitemap, useful for visitors and search engine spiders, is published and updated automatically.

Product SEO Optimizer

Your products are automatically populated with the correct SEO meta tags and keywords.

Quick Publish with RSS

Use your store’s ready to go RSS feeds to blast your products across the web.

Fresh Pinger

Search engines and relevant services are automatically pinged to aid in getting your website indexed.

Fresh URLs

Your store will automatically create search engine friendly URLs for your products, categories and any other page.

No Hassle Markup

Microformats and Rich Snippets are created automatically to boost search engine presence and click throughs.

Auto Linking for SEO

Automatically create internal links to increase search engine crawling and boost your SEO efforts.

Facebook Open Graph

Your products will show perfectly when shared on Facebook, with a relevant image and information, to increase clickthroughs.

Pinterest Rich Pins

Pricing and other product information will be added when your products are shared on Pinterest, increasing clicks.

Instant Stats

See what is happening on your store right now with checkouts, product views and more.

The “Next Level” Engine

Now for the fun part! Take your stores to the next level with our built in suite of cutting edge tools.

Traffic Maximizer

Use our Country Redirect feature to monetize the traffic you get from ALL countries.

Squeeze More Conversions

Use our Exit Popup tool to show your visitors an offer and tempt them back when they try to leave.

Fresh Reviews

As well as the reviews from Amazon, you can get your own reviews directly on your store to boost unique content and conversions.

Fresh Upsell

Show related products to your customers either automatically or choose your own.

Currency Converter

Change the currency of your products instantly, to whatever you want!

Expand With Brands

Create more content with automatic brand/manufacturer pages for your products.

Tag Your Products

Use our Product Tag feature to give your customers another way to find products and boost your SEO efforts.

Intelligent Search

Did your visitor search for something not currently in your store? No problem, we will show them results directly from Amazon so you can capture the sale.

Basket Booster

Group related products together (Like a BBQ + BBQ Brush + Steaks + Marinade) into Product Bundles to maximize commissions.

Changeable Images

Don’t like the product images from Amazon? No problem, you can add your own directly in your store dashboard.

Quick Email Capture

Capture email addresses into your Store Dashboard or integrate with your favourite email service.

EU Cookie Consent

Handle the EU Cookie Regulation laws automatically with this built in and customizable feature.

Batch Edit Your Products

Want to customize your product content? Use our Product Queue tool to keep track easily and process them in a batch.

Easy Browsing With Filters

Use product attributes (e.g. the colour) to allow your customers to filter out the exact products they want to see.